To ensure you look and feel your best in Bordelle lingerie the majority of styles are constructed to allow the wearer a significant level of adjustment. Each garment is finished with 24 carat gold plated hardware (up to 60 individual gold plated components on longline bodice bras) making the multitude of adjustable straps not only a unique design but also a functionality feature that is characteristic to Bordelle.

Please refer to the measurement chart below to find your corresponding Bordelle size.

Size Bra Size UK & US Bra Size Europe Bra Size France & Spain Bra Size Australia Underbust (cm)
SS 30C/32B 65C/70B 80C/85B 8C/10B 69-73
S 30D/32C/34B 65D/70C/75B 80D/85C/90B 8D/10C/12B 69-73
M 32D/34C 70D/75C 85D/90C 10D/12C 73-77
L 34D/36C 75D/80C 90D/95C 12D/14C 77-81
LL 34DD/36D 75E/80D 90E/95D 12DD/14D 77-81
Size Waist Smallest (cm) Lower Hip Fullest (cm) Dress Size UK Dress Size US Dress Size EU
SS 59-63 88-92 6 2 34
S 63-67 92-96 8 4 36
M 67-71 96-100 10 6 38
L 71-75 100-104 12 8 40
LL 75-79 104-108 14 10 42

The unique Bordelle functionality and aesthetic is considered in each design, ensuring that the adjustment in each style allows you to personalise your garment to the correct fit. The high level of adjustment also means that our products will fit across a number of different sizes. Most notably, Bodice Bras can often be adjusted by an additional 20cm to the standard hook and eye adjustment, accommodating for a range of back sizes.

If your size is not listed above, or you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the studio where we are on hand to give detailed sizing and styling advice.

Email with your query, or call +44 (0) 208 968 4488 to discuss sizing questions over the phone.

Our Signature and current Mainline Collections are available in sizes SS, S, M, L and LL. 


Bordelle products are all crafted by hand either in our London Atelier or with leading Lingerie producers in Europe. Our collections are made by combining Bordelle’s customised satin elastic with an array of the finest couture laces and embroideries, 24 carat gold plated components and silk satin. Special care must be taken when washing garments. These must be hand washed separately in luke-warm water using mild detergent or soap flakes. Pay special attention to rings and finger nails as these fabrics are very delicate. After repeated cleaning, silk satin fabrics might experience a slight loss of lustre. This is characteristic of the natural fabric. Machine washed garments may become damaged or discoloured. We cannot accept any returns, exchanges, or issue refunds for machine washed goods. Leather, gold plated and Acrylic accessories can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth. Special care must be taken with nude leather pieces, as this is untreated leather and may mark if it comes into contact with liquids.

Dresses made entirely out of satin elastic bands can appear crinkled after hand washing, but this does not affect the appearance of the garments when worn. Bra cups made from satin elastic panelling can be steamed back into shape if crinkled after hand washing. When steaming, ensure you do not touch the garment with the steaming devise used. Please follow the care instructions carefully for items containing delicate laces and embroideries, tulle and Swarovski Pearl attachments. Hand wash garments must be dried flat, no wringing, dried and stored away from direct sunlight or heat. Silk items such as Kimonos require specialist dry cleaning.


When putting on your handcrafted girdle dress or waspie make sure to have someone nearby to assist you. Our customised satin elastic bands are specially constructed to stretch around your body for the perfect fit. These bands should feel snug, therefore we suggest using a helping hand when fastening the zip.

The diagram demonstrates the best way to put on any of Bordelle’s elastic girdle dresses or waspies.


You will need to tightly hold together the zip fastening at the back, while your assistant pulls the zip closed, with a firm grip at the base.

All of Bordelle’s atelier pieces have been designed to allow for maximum stretch & are individually constructed with the highest quality of manufacturing methods.

For style or fit advice please call or email our atelier on, T: +44 (0) 2089684488