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In this month's diary ...

Bordelle Powerbitch #3 – Bettie Page

Bettie Page is the quintessential pin-up that captured the image of a generation with her free spirit and unbashed sensuality. She paved the way in a time of sexual repression with a crack of her whip. That's why this ultimate S&M queen is this week's #BordellePowerbitch.

Her seduction style? Do anything you can to shock and never be the girl next door.

In her underwear drawer :

Anatolia bodice bra
Anatolia suspender brief

Written by Atelier Bordelle

Chrys Columbine in Bordelle Bespoke

 Chrys Columbine burlesque superstar, pianist, pin-up and porcelain doll looking divine in her Venus Bespoke Bordelle at the perfect backdrop for it, The Savoy. 

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Written by Atelier Bordelle

Bordelle Powerbitch #2 – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel -the most elegant women in history, liberated women straight out of the corsets and freed the body. She made her own rules and created timeless legacy which is beyond comprehesion. Inventor of the Rouge Coromandel lip color and believer the lipstick is the ultimate seduction tool. She left us the tools and the techniques to be the most elegant creatures they can be, always. An inspiration powerhouse that lead the way for all women.

What’s her technique? Seduction with sent applied liberally to the places you like to be kissed.

In her underwear drawer:

The Longline Bodice Bra
The Classic Waspie 

Written by Atelier Bordelle