Spring / Summer 2019

"To every age its art, to art its freedom"

Inspired by the visual art, culture and architecture of Vienna, the SS19 collection celebrates
100 years since the incredible achievements of four exceptional artists. Being
the most important contributors to the Succession movement, Gustav Klimt, Egon
Schiele, Otto Wagner and Koloman Moser were ahead of their time, with work that
transcended all imagination. It is not only the collection that embodies the artistry of these incredible creatives, but everything from the set design, styling, lighting and model’s poses are all carefully thought out and curated based on the art of this time. Drawn exclusively from our design trip to Vienna, the inspiration runs fluidly through every aspect of the season, consistently returning to the original theme of these iconic Viennese visionaries.

The Grid Range reflects the geometric shapes and grid patterns featured so heavily
within the architecture of Vienna. Exploring the movement of lines and linear shapes
with a sports-luxe aesthetic, this collection draws upon the Art Deco bathhouse, Amalienbad.
Signature caramel and black elastic is combined and layered with black and
navy grid mesh in modern shapes and a complex structure that contours and sculpts
the silhouette. Paired with our classic 24K gold plated components, this range is distinctly
modern and effortlessly wearable.

The styling and set design for Grid was heavily influenced by artist Egon Schiele, whose work is deeply entwined in the artistic culture of Vienna. The model positioning and stance is a reflection of the raw sexuality, twisted body shapes and expressive lines that often characterise Schiele’s paintings.

Drawing upon the details of the incredible Butterfly House in Vienna, the discreetly
feminine Sisi Lace collection marries the work of the Succession movement with the
peaceful oasis of the Palm House. Taking inspiration from the ornate and complex
window structures, the intricate Swiss embroidered tulle has been exclusively designed
by Bordelle in both black and a brand new striking platinum colourway. With
both soft and wired styles, the shapes and colours of the Sisi lace are both delicate and

The inspiration behind the Sisi photoshoot was built on the work of the incredible artist Gustav Klimt, the most prominent member of the Vienna Succession movement. The set was styled around Klimt’s ‘Golden Phase’, renowned for its luxurious use of gold leaf. Decadent lighting and the use of Gold draping creates the illusion of a painted canvas.

Taking its inspiration from the most historical buildings in Vienna, the Otto Range
pairs strong angular lines with delicate peeps and transparent panels for a fiercely
modern bondage style. A brand new soft stretch tri-band elastic is at the core of this
range, along with a contemporary structure and signature panelling. With incredible
show pieces and unique designs, this powerful collection is bold, experimental and
designed to be seen.

The commanding set design of Otto is reminiscent of the striking deep greens often featured in Viennese tiling and architecture. The playful poses inspired by photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s study of motion contrast the harsh linear shapes of both the collection and the backdrop, often associated with Vienna.


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