In celebration of International Women's Day we proudly share with you The Signatures - Our Customers. Our Friends. Our Women. ⁠Discover the story behind our newest campaign... ⁠

We had the opportunity to meet and shoot so many incredibly different women from our Open Casting. Women in creative industries, programmers, artists, students, scientists, women who have never been in front of a camera, women from London, women who travelled from cities including Paris, Barcelona and Riga to shoot with us. We celebrate them with you.⁠

Our Signature women; some wear Bordelle under everyday clothes to feel empowered, some wear for luxurious comfort, some wear to elevate a special occasion. When do you wear Bordelle?⁠

Happy International Women's Day. Thank you to our Signature women for coming together to celebrate Bordelle's key values of female empowerment, sexuality and creativity. ⁠

We will be donating 10% of our Signature Sales for the remainder of the month of March to our chosen women's charity: Care International. Your purchases will be helping ⁠to empower women and girls to fulfil their potential. ⁠