Gareth Pugh described his SS19 collection and show as a celebration of "outsider society" and "of London as a cradle of creative extremism - a place where anything can happen."

With its stark, battery acid palette - a riot of print and colour - it is a flat out rejection of conservatism. Uncompromising, anarchic, and at times fiercely confrontational, it reminds us that provocation has always been Pugh's governing principle.

A designer who over the past thirteen years has steadfastly refused to take his place among the ranks of the establishment - preferring to view fashion not as an industry but instead as a vital cultural force - Pugh's recent work has been subject to an increasingly ruthless commitment to stay the course, and fuck the consequences.

STYLING: @katieshillingford
HAIR: @sydhayeshair / @babylissprouk
MAKE UP: @thevalgarland / @macpro
NAILS: @mariannewman
LINGERIE: @atelierbordelle
CASTING DIRECTOR: @_hollycullen
MOVEMENT DIRECTOR: @benjaminmilan
MUSIC: Roly Porter
STUDIO MANAGER: @ainejgeoghegan
PRESS: @starworksgroup